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asapp is launched!


We found it hard to believe, when we realized a couple of days ago, that only a little more than two months have passed between conception of asapp as an idea to actual launch date. It’s been an exciting journey for us and although time seemed to whisk by in a blink of an eye, it has been an intense experience nonetheless.

The initial phase was tinkering with ideas which is always the fun and inspiring part of the process. It’s where ideas and possibilities are unrestricted by practical limitations. It’s like being in a playground really. It’s where asapp’s vision was born together with the design, the colours, the strategies and our business goals.

As it is bound to happen when many healthy ideas pop out fast from the bottle, you get revolutionary points where newer, bigger and better ideas makes you rethink everything you have been working on for the last week or two. That was all well and good though.

The next phase was working on putting those ideas into practice. We started working on researching the market, building our online and offline content, testing our products and refining our marketing strategies.  We were working on separate items in parallel yet in a coordinated and structured manner.

This is the part where ideas start narrowing down and taking solid form. It’s a lot of hard work but important work, no doubt. Now, after a little more than 2 months we are ready to launch with a bang!

We are going to be very excited working closely with different brands and businesses,  understanding their different marketing strategies & requirements so that we are able to help them transit to the next level which is local, social and most of all mobile.

More importantly our vision is to be there at the forefront of this trending wave and being of service to organizations who need to make this important shift.

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