Reaching Customers on the Go

Mobile Marketing to access a growing captive market of smartphone users.

Reach Further Faster

Reach a responsive audience your competition is still not tapping into

Social + Mobile = marketing Big Bang

The Web created connections. The social web created discussions. The social mobile web is re-creating marketing as we know it

mobile marketing

Why Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is not just a new marketing channel following the fast evolution of the mobile device. It is much more than that.

To start with, Mobile marketing is the most responsive marketing channel there has ever been till now. A few brief statistics from research findings are very revealing: (reference:

There’s a Hyper-responsive Market Waiting for you

The above facts can give some idea of the massive marketing potential lying ahead. Mobile users make part of a hyper-responsive & fast-growing captive market. They respond better & quicker to your brand message and call to action. This means more customer engagement, more focused attention to your message and ultimately more sales conversions.

The Chance to be on the Front-row before Everyone Joins in

Companies need to understand very fast that now is the moment to invest more in mobile marketing or they will be left in the wayside.

Already, mobile internet subscriptions are twice as much as fixed broadband subscriptions and very soon the amount of mobile internet usage will exceed desktop usage. Increasing ownership of smartphones, decreasing mobile data tariffs and more sophisticated mobile hardware and software are pushing people to use mobile internet fast….very fast! The majority of people entering your site in two years time (or less!) will be through their mobile device – whether a smartphone or tablet.

Mobile Marketing is a different, better game

Obviously mobile technology has opened up new possibilities – not the least for sales & marketing. One of the biggest advantages offered by mobility is proximity or location-based marketing.  This is something already big turning huge in the short-term.

Imagine you have a restaurant in a particular area. You have limited seating and obviously one good way to push up sales & revenue is through offering food delivery to nearby areas. The competition is quite high though. This is where mobile marketing comes to the rescue.

You can for instance set up a pay per click advertising campaign targeting mobile users whose geo-location is within the area you set. It is by far more targeted and cost-effective than other advertising methods or even normal pay per click advertising.

Better still you can have your own mobile app developed through which you can cross-sell, send special offer messages or give out mobile coupons to your regular customers to entice them to return to your restaurant. The possibilities are massive.

Beyond Text and location-based services

Mobile marketing extends way beyond sms texting or even location-based advertising. QR codes and QR coupons, for instance, are something which are already quite popular in marketing circles. Essentially a QR campaign is quite simple – a video, website, special offer page or a discount coupon can be converted into a bar code. That bar code can be then presented to people and customers through various channels – your website, facebook page, offline print advertising, marketing material (even on a T-shirt if you wanted to!), etc.

The QR code can be scanned by any mobile device and the information or coupon is downloaded on the device. Further than that you can even setup a mobile coupon that is activated only if the user is in a particular location – most sensibly your premises.

Building Mobile sites is also an essential part of mobile marketing strategies.