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How Does Mobile Marketing Save you Time & Money?

Even if you are a small to medium business in an average competitive market, you need to allocate time and money to your marketing plans in order to keep abreast with your competition and help the business thrive.

From direct marketing campaigns to branding and from customer relationship management (CRM) up to web & social marketing – some companies have a whole marketing team busy around the clock with a handsome marketing budget to spend. You might not have the people nor the budget to do that but your business is still crying out loud for some form of marketing support.

Mobile marketing is an ideal solution for having various forms of marketing support into one easy tool at a fraction of the cost.

For example, having a branded mobile app which your customers can download  is a powerful branding exercise in itself. CRM, loyalty & retention are drastically enhanced by, for instance, allowing your loyal customers to comment and post on your fan wall, upload pics, rate your service and be rewarded by special offers and discount coupons.

QR codes and mobile coupons

You can create campaigns & competitions, send messages and update your information about your business without needing to worry about spending on print advertising, developing sites, email marketing or other forms of time-consuming and expensive marketing channels.


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