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How will Mobile Internet on the Go affect my Business?

You might already have a good looking site for your business with great content but how will it look to these increasing number of individuals accessing it through their mobile devices?

Will it still convey value to that potential customer searching quick information from your site on his iPhone or Android phone while she is rushing through airport gates? How will it look? How is the user experiencing your content?

Chances are that most websites have till now been only developed with desktop users in mind. When that same sharp looking website is viewed from a smartphone it simple turns to garble or a bad user experience.

For example, that person rushing through the airport is trying to access some information on your site and she needs to select a particular page from a drop down menu. She is trying to get to your ‘how to find us’ page to get directions to your business.

Yet everything is crammed as it shows up on his smartphone screen. As she tries to scroll down the drop down menu and tap on the selected item – which by the way looks incredibly small – she taps on another link. Bang! Her patience is lost, her time is out and she is boarding the plane now. In her brain he is thinking…”that was frustrating! Forget it, I will find some other site”. Get the point?

Businesses need to start thinking mobile. It is time that marketing strategies, website content and design have to planned with the mobile user in mind for it is already a fast growing crowd and, sooner than you might think, mobile internet users are going to be the vast majority of users entering your site.

Businesses who do not realize and adopt this strategy soon enough will bitterly learn that their ‘online presence’ is only present to a decreasing minority of web users.

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