mobile sites

Preparing for the Growing Crowd of Mobile Users

One thing a lot of smart businesses, small and large, are understanding is that their brand is communicated through the way users interact with their online content. If that interaction turns out to be a bad user experience, then it will be completely reflected on the brand and vice versa.

If your site is optimized for mobile you are able to positively communicate your brand to this fast growing crowd of mobile internet users. On the other hand, businesses who are not keeping their eyes on the numbers and trends will be left behind faster than they can imagine.

The growth is incredibly fast. There will be a time very soon when the scale is tipped and looking at your web analytics one fine morning, you will realize that the majority of your users are entering the site from mobile devices. Yet there is one big problem – your site is not optimized for mobile devices. The users accessing and interacting with your content are finding it very hard to navigate through. This is reflected in your web analytics too. Average time on site and sales conversions decrease sharply while the rate at which visitors are exiting your site exploded upwards.

The above scenario can be easily avoided by planning ahead and optimizing your site for mobile. In short creating a mobile site.

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