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The changing web design landscape in Malta

  When it comes to web design & development, Malta has pretty much followed the same pattern of growth manifesting anywhere else in the western world. The internet boom in the mid-90s started seeing a proliferation of businesses building unsophisticated websites setup with the exclusive objective of having some form of online presence. These websites were [...]

Mapping Mobile Marketing in Malta

  Is mobile marketing in Malta still largely a foreign concept or is it starting to pave inroads? When you ask the average SMB owner or marketing executive in Malta about Mobile Marketing, the first think to come to mind is SMS marketing. Now this is not entirely a bad thing and I will not go [...]

asapp is launched!

  We found it hard to believe, when we realized a couple of days ago, that only a little more than two months have passed between conception of asapp as an idea to actual launch date. It’s been an exciting journey for us and although time seemed to whisk by in a blink of an [...]