Why Mobile?

In short – the web is becoming mobile. There are much more people accessing the web via mobile devices rather than through their desktop computers. In the west and some Asian countries, the number of mobile internet users outweigh that of standard desktop PCs by two is to one.

In Malta this trend is also catching up very fast as harsh competition between local mobile operators are forcing them to offer larger bandwidth for mobile internet at lower prices. {Here we need some pretty and clean statistical diagrams – perhaps presented in a rounder, web 2.0 fashion. I will think about this}

If you look at it this way you will realize that optimizing your site for mobile devices or better still creating a native app for iPhone, iPad or Android phones, means placing your business in front a bigger target audience than simple web users.

Mobile marketing is growing tremendously fast even locally. Advertising spend globally in the
mobile platform was estimated to be US$3.3 Billion in 2011 and is forecasted to skyrocket to $20.6 billion before 2015.

Drastic growth in mobile marketing can also be seen in Malta. According to a study on local digital marketing carried out by Icon, mobile marketing in Malta is expected to result in the biggest growth amongst other marketing initiatives from just 9% in 2011 to a staggering 37% by 2012. That’s just in 12 months! Imagine how it will exceed other forms of marketing channels in 2 to 3 years time.

Google’s latest independent  research shows 74% of smartphone users have made a purchase resulting from using a smartphone

Entering into mobile marketing today means you will be leading the game tomorrow.